Frequently Asked Questions

What shipping options do I have?

We offer Standard and Express shipping, depending on your preference. When you choose to send express we will charge you more than standard shipping.

What payment options are there?

We operate our payment system via INGENICO (OGONE). Please visit their website for payment methods

Is it possible to ship internationally?

Yes, we do send your purchase to any location you have requested us to send to.

What exactly happens after ordering?

Immediate after your order have checked out, we will send you your parcel Track & Trace number.

What is my shipping costs?

Your shipping rates depend on the type of shipment preferences, it also depends on the weight of the item, and the destination of shipping address. However, shipping fee is free when order is above €100.

Less than €100 your Standard shipping cost is:
Shipping BENELUX : €5
Shipping Europe: €10
International Shipping: €20

How can I return or exchange my order?

For online return please download our REVOCATION FORM or contact our service team (

Why do I have to create an account?

we need your information in order to process your purchase and send it to you as wished.

How do I create my account?

Click ‘Create Account’ on the Kaliber website and fill in the form. After we have verified your data, we will send a confirmation e-mail. Afterwards, one can log on to your account.

How do I contact your Customer Care Team?

Our team is happy to help with any inquiries or concern you may have, please mail us to